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about the parents and families who are simply now trying to who are simply now trying to cope. stay with us. 7 news
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jeans. >> she heard a scream. she heard 2 gunshots and then the school went in lock down. >> heard screaming. police officers like ran out the door trying to fine the guy. >> police came in and was like is he in here then he ran out. >> they had to hide in the closet and they were quiet. children were shaking and crying an eventually they were leaving and when they were leaving the police made them hold hands police told them to
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close their eyes. >> students and others describing the horror today in a small town in connecticut. good evening i'm dan ashley. as you probably know by now this has been a horrific day. gunman slaughtered 27 people including 20 young children in a killing spree at elementary school in newtown, connecticut before ultimately taking his own life. in newtown overflow crowd tonight at the church as the community tries come to grip with what happened there. vigil were held all over the country including arizona, washington, texas, wisconsin and hear in the bay area naturally. the shooter has been identified as which-year-old adam lanza of hoboken, new jersey. he was an honor student who may have suffered from personality disorder armed with 4 weapons and was wearing a bullet proof vest when he marched on to that campus with the intent to kill. witnesses say he didn't upary word. we have steps i have coverage on this tonight. chris cuomo takes us through
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what happened. >> this morning the sandy hook elementary ask full of kids concerned about christmas. then at 9:40 am shots rang out. >> all units the individual that i have on the phone continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire. >>reporter: inside little kids are under attack. >> heard this racket at our classroom. >>reporter: horrible things happening. teachers make sure they are safe and then do the unimaginable. >> what did the teacher do the then. >> she read us some books and we talked about things and played little games in there. >>reporter: did you hear any more bad noises. >> yes. >>reporter: teacher calm matched by a storm of police activity. word of 2 shatters spark searches of the surrounding area. children are rushed out of the school single file hand in hand eyes squeezed
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shut. >> we got in a line and we had to close our eyes. >> how did you find your way without your eyes closed. >> we all put our hands on other people shoulder and then our teacher hold the first person hand and she led us out. >> indicate okay. complete chaos nobody knew where anybody was. 0mob scene of children and police and adults. >>reporter: her mom amy and dozens of other family search for their kids as information starts to trickle in. >> i heard that children were taken out bloody. >> very scared worried about my son worried about the other kid that i know here. >> it was terrifying. i'm still terrified. i think i'm still in shock about it all. i still don't know everything that happened. >> situation that couldn't be any more terrifying. kids at the mercy of a deranged gunman. yet it keeps getting worse. >> the units i have body here. >>reporter: among the dead 20-year-old gunman adam an
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mother teacher aide at the the elementary school. came with bullet proof vest and guns and possibly an assault rifle say authorities. he killed so many of the kids she loved. >> very, very difficult scene for the family members for all the responding first responder responders. it's a tragedy. tragic scene. >>reporter: and yet many more survive. like little ella still have a chance at a merry christmas. >> it's over. okay. you know that now. >> yes. >>reporter: chris cuomo report snooing adam lanza appears to have started his day by shooting his mother in the face. teacher at that school then driving to sandy hook elementary school her mother his mother was a teacher aide then he drove to the school armed with at least 2 hand guns and at least one semi-automatic rifle. brian ross has >> all took place in small town of newtown, connecticut. place where everything is nearby. spree ended at the elementary
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school that began at the lanza family home. authorities identified the shooter as 20-year-old adam lanza seen here in a picture taken seven years ago and provided to abc news by a family friend who told us adam was obviously not well something we also heard from a newtown real estate agent barbara fray a family friend. >> he was not connected with the other kids. my son played with him when they were young and in her home i know she was very particular. i just think she maybe had too high a standard or something. or focused only too much. >> brian ross reporting. mean while adam lanza hold older brother ryan is cooperate with police. he was initially named as suspect in the shooting. officers are telling report earth's that ryan is being questioned but is not in custody. ryan is said to have told officers he has not been
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in touch with his brother in recent years. adam lanza father also talking about police and the fbi. he's vice president at ge capitol. >> mean time in washington. flag at the u.s. capitol was lowered to half staff today as was the flag at the white house where president obama went on national television to offer his condolences. >> i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful also kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them birthdays graduations, weddings and kid of their own. among the fallen
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were also teachers. men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams. so our hearts are broken today. >> emotional statement from the president. it's difficult from even the president to express with words how devastating and upsetting the tragedy is. 7 news reporter wayne with the moments of raw emotion. >>reporter: this is the day when the names sandy hook elementary ask and newtown, connecticut changed forever. once obscure they are now infamous. >> like you read it in the paper. see it in the news you are like my god that poor family then you have something happen so close to home it's like i think i'm still in shoc shock. >>reporter: as difficult as the story is to believe imagine living it. learning your child safe in bits and pieces. >> my neighborhood she heard
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the gun shop. then i just say to her don't worry she say no i call school no one answered. >> somebody came in to the room and shot a teacher that's all i know. all right. >> i just heard the principal is shot an killed. i heard some kids were were shot. teacher mrs. hammond was shot. >>reporter: they showed. they waited. fearful parents and elementary school children. >> there were 3 children that came out. one of them was had a very bloody face. it was very, very vailt scene. and there were 2 other ones that they were, you know, they were in the arms of a state trooper. they did not move. their face was very pale. it was very tragic. >> and will remain so. even for those who survived this won't be easy. >> one of those things where we are trying to understand what happened. when we tell them ultimately what happened in details i think it's going to make it much worse. >>reporter: in the you lately we focus more on the issues that divide us then an event
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like this comes along. even here 3000 miles away we are touched as if it happened next door. in san francisco, wayne friedman abc 7 news. same bay area school taking extra precaution today. this is video in oakland over lockwood elementary school in response today's school shooting in connecticut the oakland police department made their uniform school officers available at any camp puts that wanted extra coverage and supervision. officers are primarily assigned to 6 campuses in the district. >> and we never think of this kind of unspeakable act of violence that could happen in our community but of course it could. which is why police and school officials here in the bay area try to prepare in case abc 7 news vick lee with that part of our coverage. >>reporter: since the columbine massacre schools have been holding tactical drills with police. simulating shootings where there are casualty and hostages. all with the goal of preparing
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teachers staff and students for the unthinkable. schools toughen security and rae examine how they would respond to violence on their campuses. san francisco school chief richard core says every campus now has a safety plan and crisis manual. >> it hats multiple scenario from intruders to gas leak to electrical leak to evacuations and schools practice these safety plans regularly. >>reporter: he and other school officials we spoke with won't share all the security protocol with us because they don't want potential intrawders to know about them but most schools have one common policy. >> we have a single point of entrance 2 our schools that we encourage all our schools to follow the protocol so that visitors to the school are checking in one place in the school. >>reporter: this drill was held 4 years ago at saint ignacius high school involving police, fire, emergency medical services the pun school and
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public work. now they hold 2 drills a year. principal rough says they are more aware of the security hole on campus. >> recognizing that we have multiple access points in our school but we have really tried to isolate those. so that we are aware of where people can gain access to our campus. >>reporter: columbine officers waited for s.w.a.t. team to assemble before going in but while that happened the shooter kept firing killing more students. now police have changed their tactic. >> if there's a violent incident ongoing active shooter we take immediate action. we know that lives are at stake and if there's an immediate, our officers are told to gather and engage. >>reporter: but in terms of what schools can did to prevent violence. every administrator we contacted echoed what superintendent core saichltd i will tell you the single greatest security system you can have if place is a well
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informed enabled student body that is going to notice something and tell an adult. >>reporter: as superintendent says if somebody is really intense really motivated to cause harm chances are he will find way to do it. so awareness really is the front-line of any security pla plan. police will tell you that and that's what students are told during these drills. this is abc 7 news. >> it has been a difficult day. you can express condolence to those touched by the school tragedy on the face book paichbility invite to you share your thoughts at slash abc 7 news. maybe there's a comment would you like to make bit. also post this badge to your face book wall. silent show of support for even in newtown, connecticut. so devastated tonight. >> coverage continues in a [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> tragedy in central china today. man wield ago knife wounded 22 children and one adult as they were ha! rifling for elementary school. 2 seriously hurt. no known motive. however a string of similar assaults killed more than a dozen school children in 2010 and wounded more than 50 in china. in san mateo county police say the driver of car that hit and killed 3 people will be
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charged with vehicular manslaughter. horrible scene today as you can see. he is 82 years old. sky 7 hd was over the scene of the accident on interstate 280 interredwood city just mangled cars. according to the chp the victims were changing a tire in the center divide black volkswagen swerved that them all 3 died at the scene. the driver of the volkswagen was taken to the hospital again he will face charges. traffic was backed up for miles. former san francisco school worker spend the rest of his life behind bars for raping 3 women last year. frederick dozer sentenced to 3 73 years to life and ordered to pay more than 250,000 dollars in restitution to his victims. the judge said dozer showed no remorse for the rapes that took place in the mig district between june and december of last year dozer family stormed out of the courtroom after the sentence was read. one of the victims talked in court about the crime stating that the assault drained the life out of her body.
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in south bay police just reopened the great mall in milpitas after bomb scare. this evening police evacuated the kohl's store there and tier by stores as well. we were overhead as the officers investigated. it began after a message about a bomb was found on the wall of the men restroom in kohl's. employee reported the threat at about 2:30 this afternoon. police found no evidence of a bomb but they have clear the stores to make sure the area is safe. they did so for quit some time. bomb sniffing dog used to search the building. building was cleared around 7 and kohl's reopened at around 8:00 o'cloc o'clock. but scare at the mall tonight. focus on the weekend here and sandhya is in for expense tore talk about the forecast. chilly out tonight and looking at rain. >> absolutely this weekend is not a wash-out. that's the good thing. we will get some written out of this next system coming. you will need the umbrella and as dan mentioned it's chilly outside. cold
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night. live look from the east way hills camera looking across the bay. see few cloud out there. kind of cool picture there with the clouds but the rain from today that we had and we did have scattered light rain long gone. rainfall total this afternoon where it did rain was tenth of an inch or less and we do have as we look at live doppler 7 hd just a couple of included and radar at mount saint helena. keeping you ahead of the storms far west than any other radar. the storms coming in from the north an picking up moisture first along with the radar down in monterey. national weather service radar. temperatures that the hour they are falling the skies clearing and down to 35 degrees already in nap a.39 in livermore. 37 for fairfield. santa rosa. you know what this means. it is going to be chilly overnight. cold and wet tomorrow and chance of showers mainly in the north bay on sunday so let's check out the forecast here. this was the system that brought us some very light spotty rain today. it's long
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gone. now we have another weak system developing here in the pacific. this one will bring us rain bit is slowing down a little bit so tomorrow morning if you have plans the plans actually look fine as you look at the computer animation 8:00 a.m. just clouds. you will need a sweater or jacket. it is going to be cold first they think in the morning. by the afternoon the rain arrives. around noon time. spreads across the bay area heading in the 2:00 o'clock hour. light to moderate rain with this and then starts to move on out which www. just a few showers early sunday. best chance is going to be in the north bay at this point so you can pretty much assure that out door plans are okay except for the north bay where you see light rain possibility just carry the umbrella to be on the safe side. down to freezing santa rosa napa drop the temperatures a little bit more. 35 in vallejo. 33 in fairfield. livermore down to 34 degrees. we see 35 in concord. morgan hill upper 30's palo alto san jose half moon bay so definitely getting cold. 40 in oakland. 44 san francisco.
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tomorrow afternoon snow possibility around the lake county area and hills there. rest of the region chilly with light rain upper 40's to the low 50's. here's look at the high for your saturday around the monterey bay with light rain chilly as well. two things you need tomorrow a coat or jacket. and umbrella. that's it. all right. it's a light rain event for your saturday. few showers north sunday then more rain into monday and tuesday doesn't look terribly impressive. break coming midweek and then more rain on friday. but no mainly storm at this point. >> that's knit nice thanks very much. >> well just ahead here. bay area students write let investigators santa. not for what they want for christmas. these letters are to help make wishes come true for some other children. what that's all about as 7 [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays.
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>> on painful day like this it's nice to be remind there's a lot of good and there are a lot of good people in the world so we share a different story of hope and love towards other others. hundreds of students in fremont wrote letters to santa asking him to grant a wish to sick kids as part of the make a wish campaign. abc 7 news education reporter has that good story. >> how many letters did our second grate graders here. >>reporter: only a few of the thousands of kid in free mont who wrote a wish on a piece of paper. >> i wish about my family and friends. >> that my mom and dad have a great time in their life and that not have to struggle with it. >> for all the chirp to stay out of the hospital and feel better about themselves to be out. >>reporter: second grade teacher organized the project.
9:26 pm
>> it could be people close to they. could be the children from make a wevrnlt it could be some of the kids wrote about what they wished for for obama. >>reporter: for each letter macy donated 2 $to make a wish foundation. the organization grant washs to kids with life threatening medical conditions like shelby. she arrived in a limo and had a shopping spree at macy in walnut creek today. before playing in off in january to meet justin bieber. students from the fremont school district and parents managed to write more than 4 41,000 letters. >> well santa when i do it my hand hurt but i keep on doing it because i want kids to get out of the hospital. >>reporter: make a wish foundation will now 7 more than 80,000 dollars which will be spent on granting wishs to about 8 sick chirp. >> really sick and in pain and you don't like to have much to do and can't go out anywhere. >> we want our kids to learn to pay it forward to think of
9:27 pm
others first and plus we are getting them to write. >>reporter: he told us his baby sister had been sichblingt he mentioned her in his letter. >> i hope she gets better. >> she's better now. >>reporter: power of believing. in fremont, abc 7 news. >> lovely children. >> pickup truck versus tornado. coming up next. how could anyone survive being tossed into the air. the driver is amazingly okay and he could not believe who came to his rescue. that story. in the mid of the terror in connecticut heroic teacher. you will hear how she saved the lives of her student students. >> what bay area schools are doing to reach out to parents children and their staff. advice from an expert also about how parents should talk to their kid about violence look we saw today. mr. to look we saw today. mr. to bringo
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>> here ace vigil of one in san jose. mother of 6-year-old girl shared this photo with us on twitter. the little girl lighted a candle for the children in newtown, connecticut. some just his aim. sign reads san jose loves shes connecticut that's sandy hook elementary school. what a remarkable photo. >> governor dan malloy said evil visited the connecticut community of newtown today. powerful wore. one parent said the 6-year-old son was in class with the gun man burst in and shot the teacher. the boy grabbed a bunch of his friends and ran out of the door. a pwvl c news reporter dan harris spent the day with survivors. >> they long her at the fear house where the students were kept safe after the shooting
9:32 pm
and urgent parade of parents coming to pick up their children. this the is 8-year-old alexis and her mother. were you in there alexis. what happened? >> fog really much. you hear like an ambulance and police officer come and everybody was a little scared. crying. i felt actually a little sick and i thought i was going to throw up. >>reporter: kid crying and scream. >> crying. they were all hugging together and they were so sick. >>reporter: another mom whose kids go to nearby school told us she was putting off picking them up because she simply did at the time want to tell them about the horror here. >> the last 2 hours of their life they will be a kid. >>reporter: we don't know much about the victims yet. there are those reports about the principal don being among those with were shot. >> you can tell she loved her job. she loved the kids. sandy link was a safe school.
9:33 pm
>>reporter: only 3 victims were brought to the local hospital. 2 of them died. >> number of us imagine what it must have felt like on 9/11 with people bracing for scores of injured and didn't arrive. e-all day here the sad sight of ambulances driving slowly. lights not flashing. so few wounded to try to save. even more sad the knowledge that so many family whose showed up to pick up their children today could not be reunited. fact that has not lost on alexis mother. >> kupt your blessings every day for what you have. >>reporter: i'm really glad you are okay. really glad you are okay. you are pretty tough. you are pretty tough. >> dan harris reporting. >> when one teacher heard gunfire she raced to herd 15 students into a tiny bath roobling room. a quick effort to save their young lives this is what happened. >> one student on top of the toilet i knew we had to get in
9:34 pm
there. i said it was okay. you are going to be all right. i pulled the book shelf in front of it before i closed the door. we were completely barricaded in. i was afraid if he did come in and hear us then would he maybe just start shooting the door i said no we have to be absolutely quiet. i said there are bad guys out from now we immediate to witness for the good guys i'm hearing the gun ire in the hallway and thinking in my man i'm the first classroom why isn't he come. i'm thinking we are next. in my mind i'm thinking as a 6-year-old 7-year-old what are you what are your thoughts? i'm thinking that i have to will many been their parent. i have to tell them so i said to them i said i need you to know that i love you all very much and that it's going to be okay because i thought that was the last thing they were going to hear. i thought we were all going to die. you know i don't know if that's okay. teachers but i wanted them to know somebody loved them and wanted that to be one of the last things they heard. not the gun
9:35 pm
fire in the hallway. >> well one of the killed was principal of sandy hook elementary school today dawn hawk. she hop sprung when she heard the gun shots she sprang in action. she is being called a hero tonight. according to the wall street journal she didn't think twice but ran outside and was shot. therapist who was with her stayed behind. no lock on the door sought therapist diane day pressed her body against it. she was shot through the door in arm and leg. authorities say she is going to be okay. >> a letter about ask security was sent to parents in the oakland school district today and we found one east bay district planning ahead just in case. lauren anthony with that part of the story. >> i saw on social network. >> many students in the bay area learned about the connecticut shooting on facebook. >> totally wrong because like
9:36 pm
they are not even adults yet and they are killing little ki kid. >> leo was waiting to pick up his grand-daughter from logan high school. do you think kids should have to worry about going to school. >> naturally. everybody has to worry it's terrible. >>reporter: new haven district psychologist sandy vaughn spent most of her day talking with teachers and staff about how to spot signs of distress in kids and how to respond when they come back next week fully informed. >> let them know this does happen but it rarely happens and that there are adults there that they condition go to when they are feeling afraid nishtion oakland the district september home a letter to parents about how to reassure their kids that school is still a safe place. >> part of that is giving them the information without dramatizing and sensationizing. and at the same time as you present the information impress upon them that they have as a
9:37 pm
child have many people looking out for them. >>reporter: in union city the district has its first ever active shooter drill set for next march. now it is certainly time limit district officials are also aware the imaginary scenario could be traumatizing to students. given what really happened in connecticut. how do you have an active shooter drill an not alarm students especially the younger ones. >> exactly right. and with younger children it's a fair drill like earthquake drill like maneuver where you reassuring the children and you are moving the children around and the adults need to know weighs going open but you are right the. the children the little ones especially don't need to know weighs going on. >>reporter: the drill coming up here in union city in a few months. in the men time oakland as we said sent out a letter. many other districts l throughout the bay area sent either letters home with stunts today or sent e-mails home to the parents about how to talk to their kids and here in 81
9:38 pm
city and district throughout the bay area on monday there will be more counselors available to kids because administrators know that if they didn't know about it toda today, many more students will certainly know about exactly what happens on monday. in group city, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> well today mass shooting obviously has been very emotional for parents and a lot of us are wondering how do you talk to your children about what happened. dean of the school of education and counciling psychology at santa clara university tells us today that you first need confront your own feelings whether those include fear, anger, anxiety, then speak to your child calmly and listen. listen. intently. and the time to do that is now before they see it somewhere else. >> would i talk today. i don't think it's worth waiting to the end of the weekend or waiting until a right moment. the moment is now. kids are experiencing this. they have to understand what does this really mean when elementary school has this kind of traged
9:39 pm
tragedy. >>reporter: he says you should reassure your kid that they are safe in school. certainly do so before they go back to class on monday because they may have some real anxiety talk to them. >> once again shooting massacre is rekindling the long running debate about gun control in the country. being talked about with renewed vigor in sacramento tonight. capitol correspondent annette reports now from sacramento. >>reporter: governor brown ordered the flags at the california state capitol to be flown at half staff calling the tragedy at the connecticut school heart breaking loss. 23 years agatha california had its own school shooting at cleveland elementary in stockton. which left 5 kids dead and 29 wounded. that 1989 incident sparked a movement in california that resulted in the strongest gun laws in the country. >> i think it really hit home the percent of strengthening our laws and it will spurred mead why the action. >>reporter: brady campaign
9:40 pm
credit california strong gun law from may going it safer on the streets. >> california has the lowest mortality rate from firearms deaths in the nation. >>reporter: connecticut shooting is prompting calls for stricter gun law again across the country. even in california. most recent poll show americans in general favor more restrictions. >> no we don't need stricter gun control than what we have. >>reporter: gun store owner says the current laws are working just fine. >> isolated incidents is tragic but we captain knee jerk and just think that that's going to solve the problem because it's really not. if people are wanting to do something bad they ever going to figure out a way the do it. >>reporter: michigan house just this week approved the concealed weapon law allowing trained people to carry guns in schools day cares stadiums and churches. an idea that he says could have brought down the connecticut shooter faster if the law was in place there. >> somebody were to have a gun there concealed weapon properly trained know how to use it that
9:41 pm
could have the situation could have not gotten as far as it dichlt i can not think that is a solution. i think bringing more firearms into an already confused situation is only going to create more bullets flying and more innocent bystanders being killed. >>reporter: the connecticut gunman used a glock and semi-automatic handgun both available here in california. if you pass a test background check and wait 10 days. the sacramento, abc 7 news. >> abc 2020 will be devoted to the connecticut school tragedy tonight at 10:00 o'clock over on abc 7 with special report. and we'll bring you early edition of good morning weekend tomorrow at 4 and again at 7:00 a.m. and special tonight at 10:00 o'clock.
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>> man was struck and killed by a cal train about 2 hours ago on the tracks at the hay wood park station. this is 12th fatality on the cal train tracks. last year 16 fatalities. trains now run about 5 minutes late because of the slow speed required in the area. northbound track has not yet been reopened. well now to louisiana. tornado scoops up a truck and tosses it on to a nearby car and it is all caught on tape. and it turns out there was someone inside that pick up and he survived. story now from abc rob nelson. >> look closely. tiny speck
9:46 pm
floating across the video is actually a massive ford pickup truck. >> truck just started bouncing. >>reporter: while you can't see him jerry million let is inside on the ride of his life. >> i thought i'm dead. i see it but i'm really dead. >>reporter: he was making delivery in louisiana monday when a tornado blew through flattening sections of the fire station before sending his truck airborne. look again. you can see the wind sling him into the sky twirling him several times smashing the truck on to another one parked nearby. >> i don't know where i was. how high i was but i could feel i was rolling and rocking. >>reporter: this woman was driving in the opposite direction. she saw him take flight and then raced to his rescue. >> i jumped out of the truck and are you okay are you okay. >>reporter: while it may seem impossible to believe he survived. there's an even more amazing twist. that good samaritan is his daughter. >> i said my daughter voice my baby girl. i look up here she
9:47 pm
come awalking. >> he was like how did you get here how did you know. i seen the whole thing happening. >>reporter: his delivery truck is totalled but he is on the mend. still unable to believe after surviving this tornado he was delivered home alive. rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> what a character. what a story. >> as we continue the logo that's a no go. up next. brand new california symbol that is officially a fiasco. that is officially a fiasco. stay with us. 7 newsf @
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9:50 pm
>> well talk about a total bust. in response to overwhelming criticism the university of california decided to knicks plans to use a colorful fancy new logo o. it was a small seed inside a shield that kind of looks like
9:51 pm
a u. it came under intensifier from both students and alumni who called it bland and non-descript. critic call on the university to go back to the classic logo it has used for 144 years. some would argue if it ain't broken don't fix it. >> back to update the weekend weather forecast. sandhya is here chilly out there. >> indeed. bundle up try to stay warm tonight. it's going to be another cold night. live doppler 7 hd writ now keeping it nice and quiet. no written right at this hour but it will be tracking another system tomorrow. so if you have travel plans tomorrow tahoe 33 degrees. snow arriving by tomorrow night again. chico 4 48. northern california mountains dealing with snow. big sur rain 54 degrees down in southern california. mild for december. 62 los angeles. partly cloudy skies 50 degrees in las vegas. and as we look at our temperatures you are not going to get warm tomorrow. it's chilly. upper from is to the low 50's in most areas. light rain here in the bay are
9:52 pm
area. snow possible in lake county and the hills. accu-weather 7 day forecast chance of showers mainly norton sunday and very light. so your weekend is not a complete wash-out and we have more rain at least a few chances next weekend. >> okay. >> thanks very much. >> all right. sports director larry is here. warriors on a roll. would they continue tonight. >> yes. in game 6 of what had been a perfect road trip in orlando to face the last team [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. see in. >> we of course continue coverage of the connecticut school shooting. the vigil showing up in cities across the country including here in the bay area. what people are most concerned about now. debate over gun control again. new laws lawmakers are already considering. those story and a lot more coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. but larry here now to change things up a little bit. >> sports clearly a diversion on a day like this. start with
9:56 pm
the warriors trying to keep the perfect road trip going tonight in orlando. 5 wins. most the warriors have had on east coast trip since 1962. unfortunately they screws had nothing in this game. orlando blocked 10 shots in the first half. warriors shot just 29 percent. in that half. and were down 16. magic 7 of 13. reddick with a buzzer beater. haden scam. david lee played hard. 24 points. 15 rebounds. 6 great double double but the warriors down double digit most of the night. didn't ever get it under 9 and there is nelson. gliding into the basket. warriors drop the first game on the road trip 9 99-85. end the trip tomorrow in atlanta. lakers trying snap the 4 game skid against the last place wizard. kobe leading the way. nice pass hear. no look. behind the back. dwight howard lay up. dozen for superman. wizard fan haven't had much to cheer about for a decade. there's a nice
9:57 pm
one. to websterment kobe had 30. out of nowhere for the tip in. nobody boxes out any more. that's so 20 years ago. lakers stop the skid 102-96. they are 10 and 14. the team hear played centennial tomorrow night in southern california for the state title. could be the financial game from bob spartan head coach. >> a lot of people you can say legend about but bob is one of them. >> bob is the vince lombardi of high school coaches. he is the standard by which all others are measured. man who once guided a 151 game winning streak. coach has been the head coach here for 34 years and he will step down soon. >> had a good run witness. i have enjoyed every bit of it but i think it's time for someone else to do it. i don't know yetment i'll see probably after the season is over and
9:58 pm
see how i feel in but it will be this year or next yea. >>reporter: whether he leaves after the next game or next season he's really not going anywhere. assist anti-will be promoted and he will become an assistant. >> this isn't something that has been spur of the moment. this is something that has been planned so we are on track to keep the program intact where it is and strong and capable and that's what i have here with these coaches. >>reporter: as for tomorrow night open division championship the spartans come in at 14 and o. centennial is 14 and 1 and it won 5 games in the final minute. they are loaded with graivt athletes but the spartans have seen all of this before. their approach is always the same. >> keep pounding the ball. keep the same rift i hope. same execution we have been could go for the past few years and just wear the team out as much as we can. >>reporter: division one championship granite bay up interroseville facing long beach polly in the rain in southern california tonight.
9:59 pm
jack rab from it long beach with a flea flicker. jackson so wick open down the side line and stays in bound. 40 yard touch down in the third quarter and it is long beach polly leading granite bay. 49ers head to the patriots and if they win they clinch a play off spot. they are focusing on the quarterback situation but don't forget about the niners best offensive weapon the versatile frank gore last week reached 1,000 yard mark sixth time in the career. franchise record in rushing touch did you know with 50. gore banged up during the season but he just blocks out the pain. >> in a lot of guy case the love of the game. how much he loves football. how much he likes practicing and playing this game. that has played a big part in making him a durable guy week after week. >>reporter: boxing bay area vo

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